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Gracie Barra Amersfoort gaat deelnemen aan BJJ en GRAPPLING ( NO-GI ) wedstrijden als Team Gracie Barra Amersfoort.

Zaterdag 31 Maart 2018,

Sporthal Leidschenveen
Vaz Diasdreef 20
2492 JL Den Haag

Wedstrijdgerichte trainingen zijn begonnen o.l.v. Michel Kragten & Andrew Houtveen.

Tournament Info:

Medalling in these events will earn you points for the year ranking, which can make you champion of the year and win some nice gear. You can compete in both the BJJ as the Grappling tournament on the same day.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments follow the full IBJJF rules.
Weight categories for white and blue belts are: -64,-70,-76,-82.3,-88.3,-94.3,+94.3
Purple belts: -80kg & +80kg
Women: -60kg & +60kg
Weigh-ins are with the gi/kimono on, so the weight of your gi is included.
You must be on weight for each category. Being overweight will result in a DQ and you will not be able to move to a higher weight category.

Grappling tournaments follow the IBJJF point system, but without advantages.
At Grappling tournaments all locks and chokes are allowed for beginners and advanced, of course slams are not allowed.

Grappling tournaments are divided in 2 different levels:
Beginner: up to 2 years of training
Advanced: more than 2 years of training

Grappling weight categories:
Men: -67,-73,-79,-85,-91 & +91kg
Women: -58 and +58kg


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