Dojo Etiquette –

  1. Bow to the picture of Carlos Gracie Sr. when you “enter” the training area, and greet then first the Professor and Instructor(s), and then from up to lower belts everyone.
  2. Bow to the dojo mat and Carlos Gracie Sr. when you “exit” the training area.
  3. Keep a respectful posture in the training area.
  4. Classes begin with a formal bow to the Instructor(s), with students lining up in descending grade order.
  5. Classes end with a formal bow to the Instructor(s) and bow then to the picture of Grand Master Carlos Gracie Senior.
  6. Stop earlier in the previous class to start the new lesson on time and cleanly and fresh.
  7. During class, when the Instructor is demonstrating the techniques, every student must sit or stand in good posture. (not lying on the beach).
  8. If you are late for class sit by the side of the training area and wait for the permission from the Instructor(s). you must report !
  9. If you need to leave the mat or leave earlier you must ask permission from the Instructor(s). you must report !
  10. Bow to your partner before and after practice, or hand tick + box. respect each other, and ready for training or sparring.
  11. Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject.
  12. Absolutely no foul language inside the school.
  13. Keep fingernails and toenails short for everyone’s safety, and be clean before every training session.
  14. All students, Instructors, Professors, must wear the official Gracie Barra uniform. The uniform pants and top must be the same color.
  15. It is mandatory to wear the official Gracie Barra rashguard underneath the kimono.
  16. During No Gi Classes, students must wear shorts (or spads), as well as a Rashguard or training shirt. (we look forward to seeing you in club clothing).
  17. The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect.
  18. The uniform must be worn at all times, especially in class or seminar, competitions or special GB occasions.
  19. When you tie your belt, you turn your back to the Instructor according to tradition.
  20. The belt represents your progress, and belong to your outfit. Keep it on.
  21. Refer to non black-belt ICP certified Instructors as  “Coach”.
  22. Refer to black-belt ICP Certified Instructor as  “Professor”.
  23. And to Carlos Gracie Jr. as  “Master”.
  24. All metal objects, jewelry, piercing, necklaces and other items should be removed.
  25. No shoes, food or fresh/juice drink on the mat. Only water.
  26. Do not use your phone in the dojo.
  27. All students and Instructors must wear shoes when walking outside of the training area.
  28. Everyone is responsible for a clean dojo, so look around and throw away dirt in the trash can. even if it is not yours !
  29. Wipe the mat, make it clean before and after training.
  30. The mat is not a sacred place but a training room where we learn, exercise and be together, so keep it nice and clean for yourself but also for others.
  31. Always be helpful, be a team!
Uniform Etiquette –

The Jiu-Jitsu Gi (uniform) is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used in Jiu-Jitsu practice and competition. It is derived from traditional Japanese clothing. Most likely, the Gracie family developed the original Jiu-Jitsu gi from the traditional kimono and other Japanese garments around the early 1900s. The Jiu-Jitsu/Judo gi was the first modern martial arts training uniform. Over the years, the length of the pants and sleeves grew longer, and changes were made in the material and fit. The traditional unbleached cotton is now bleached white, although blue and pink are also available. Other martial arts, notably judo and karate, adopted the style of training uniform used in Jiu-Jitsu..

    1. Be respectful for youre Gracie Barra Kimono and youre belt (obi) and wear it with pride !
    2. Wear your Gracie Barra kimono (GI) before class started.
    3. Wear your belt (obi) with your level before class started.
    4. Wear a Gracie Barra rashguard under your Gi.
    5. Stand up in line, highest level right, women and older go for by same level.
    6. On the Gracie Barra kimonos no other logos may be allowed.
    7. From blue belt and higher may not be trained without GB kimono (because you are an example for other athletes).
    8. The uniform must be worn at all times, especially in class or seminar, competitions or special GB occasions
    9. I’ts allowed to put your name on your richt rever.
    10. Wear your GB kimono and clothing with respect and with pride, because you belong to the best team in the world …
        ~ GRACIE BARRA ~